Try the new Whole Grain Breads on our store: Chia Cracked Rye & Lucky 7 Multigrain


Are you looking to buy bread online that is perfect with any meal? If you’d like superior bread, then check out Izzio Artisan Bakery. We are now introducing Izzio's German Style Whole Grain Breads baked with only North American grains. These breads showcase a new American approach to baking with 100 percent Whole Grains that focuses on minimal ingredients, extended natural fermentation, high hydration, slow and low-temperature baking, and a final curing stage. For the final step, these breads are thinly sliced on a custom-made slicer. These breads are nutrient-dense, easily digestible and 100 percent delicious. Ideal for open-faced sandwiches, enjoy these breads straight from the package or toasted.

Great bread starts with great flour which is why at Izzio’s we collaborated with our local farmers and millers to create a custom flour that is traceable all the way back to the ground where Hard Red Winter Wheat seeds are planted. This is how we know that our wheat is NON-GMO and that our flour is pure with no added ingredients or enrichment. We stay true to ancient bread baking techniques by working only in small batches and giving each loaf the time and space to naturally ferment up to 72 hours. It is our authentic methods, which ensure each loaf is flavorful, unique in its texture, easy to digest and always delicious.

If you’re looking to buy bread online for a great price and that tastes delicious, then shop Izzio Artisan Bakery.